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About Us

Can your architect, planning consultant, builder claim this:

Design a building that was the first private residence every considered worthy of review by (and that gained the support of) CABE, the highest architectural body in the land? Conceive a building of such architectural merit that it is considered to be of similar quality to some of the most iconic residential buildings around the world including Villa Savoie by world famous architect Le Corbusier?

Overcome multiple declined planning applications including a failed Appeal to secure planning consent?

Construct a building of unique form, blending innovative materials and technologies with the finest natural materials? A property that is significantly more energy efficient than Building Regulations require whilst achieving a truly sculptural form?

We can…

Our Services

New Build

If you have decided you want to build your own property, good for you.


An extension should receive the same level of Thought & Design as a complete new build.


Let us bring your existing building to life with “Thought & Design”.

Areas of Expertise


Basements can create significantly more usable floor space and as they are underground, there is not usually an issue in obtaining planning approval for them.

Stressed Timber & Metal Roofs

Few elements of your building have the impact that an interesting roof can achieve. Our founder’s vision for his first creation started with the shape of the roof.

Innovative Glazing Solutions

Glass is an amazing material (interesting fact – glass is actually a liquid…) From a simple highly insulated Bi-Fold door to retractable glass walls the opportunities are almost endless.

Application of Technology

We love technology (our parent company is a market-leading technology supplier) but it is the intelligent application of technology that matters.

Eco Friendly

So many “eco” homes are boring and ugly. It doesn’t have to be that way. We can help you exploit the advantages of your plot and make the most of what Mother Nature bestows.

SMART Home Automation

Done properly, home automation can be spectacular. Our parent company is a technology solution supplier with some frighteningly clever geeks.

Bespoke Kitchens & Bathrooms

Few things have as much impact on your home’s appeal (and value) than an alluring kitchen and bathroom. Once again Thought & Design are the key.

Bespoke Staircases

A normal staircase is cheap – anything out of the ordinary can be absurdly expensive. It doesn’t have to be this way. Our model is to charge a fair price for the job.

Lighting Design

Most lighting designers are a waste of money – they won’t conceive anything you wouldn’t think of yourself. In contrast a good lighting designer does just that.

Metal Roofing

An interesting roof form adds to the visual appeal of your property and will add incremental value. Conventional tiles won’t work practically or visually.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

In our opinion, a Ground Source Heat Pump is the best “eco” heating source. Sadly they are ridiculously expensive for the technology they contain.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Rainwater harvesting systems can be very cost effective, plus making your lives a lot easier, whilst being very eco-friendly. There are different types and some are poorly designed.

Heat Recovery & Ventilation

The perversity of the drive to be super eco in buildings is that this creates other problems. A super insulated, air tight house would be very unhealthy for the occupants.

Built In Vacuum Cleaners

Everyone likes a clean home. It can be a bit depressing that within minutes after dusting and hoovering a room you start to notice dust forming again.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating is the best type of heating. Whilst you can use electric for this, you are better using “wet” underfloor heating wherever possible.

Interior Design

The outside of your house drives its “kerb appeal” however the inside is where you spend your time. Maximising the spaces available is a creative skill.

Landscape Design & Construction

Gardens have a significant impact on the value and appeal of a property. We can apply our creative skills to making yours more appealing to spend time in and easier to maintain.

Automated Garage Doors & Gates

An automated garage door can make your garage far more usable (you would be surprised how much cleaner your car will stay if you put it in the garage overnight).

Solar PV

This technology is improving all the time and can be a credible option now. It has been tarred by numerous charlatans, who seem to pop up to exploit well intentioned Government incentives.

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal uses the sun’s energy to heat a fluid with this heat than transferred to your hot water. Well proven technology that costs significantly less than PV panels.

What Makes us Different?

  1. Do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it – this is something of an anachronism in the building trade. If you have never employed a builder before, you probably won’t believe us, but you will
  2. Execute with Precision – do things properly and with precision – it matters
  3. Thought & Design – it is possible to create an iconic building whilst getting value for money. Most builders don’t know how to do this so will just expect you to write a very large cheque(s)
  4. Our parent company is built on repeat business – the next time you want building work done we want to be your obvious and preferred choice
  5. Experience like no other – everything we say on this website we have done. We know what it takes and how hard it can be. We have pushed the boundaries and learned what is and is not possible (at a sensible price)

Our founder suffered losses measured in six figures due to failures of so-called expert, and highly recommended, suppliers. The building industry is characterised by financially weak providers who have no clue how to actually run a business. We are business people first, builders second. We are a trading arm of Agile ICT Limited, a company with an outstanding reputation and very strong balance sheet.

We are also a “Registered Contractor” for Hampshire County Council. Achieving this status is not simple and has many requirements, not least of which is to hold £10 million of Liability Insurances.

You can be confident that if you choose Agile Construction, not only can we complete your building works successfully but if any problems did occur, we have the financial muscle to deal with them and not simply disappear or walk away and phoenix back up under a different name (the standard modus operandi for most builders).

Agile Construction