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About Us

“God is in the details” – architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe


Agile Construction was born from the frustration of our owner when dealing with the building industry – from Architects who managed to combine a lack of imagination with an inability to follow clear direction to so-called expert Builders who were unable to do the one specific thing that they claimed to be expert at. The lessons learned have been painful, expensive and time consuming, but every setback has been overcome and the end result will outlive us all.

These skills, experience and capabilities are now available to our clients – whether you want to maximise the benefit of a modest extension through to self-building your own iconic property, we can help. Any building project, whatever its size and budget, represents a significant undertaking for the individual client. The elevation from “nice” to “outstanding” is primarily about “Thought & Design” rather than the size of a bank balance.


Can your architect, planning consultant, builder claim this:

Design a building that was the first private residence every considered worthy of review by (and that gained the support of) CABE, the highest architectural body in the land? Conceive a building of such architectural merit that it is considered to be of similar quality to some of the most iconic residential buildings around the world including Villa Savoie by world famous architect Le Corbusier?

Overcome multiple declined planning applications including a failed Appeal to secure planning consent?

Construct a building of unique form, blending innovative materials and technologies with the finest natural materials? A property that is significantly more energy efficient than Building Regulations require whilst achieving a truly sculptural form?

We can…