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Built in Vacuum Cleaners

Everyone likes a clean home. It can be a bit depressing that within minutes after dusting and hoovering a room you start to notice dust forming again. This is actually being caused by your vacuum (we don’t shed our skins quite that quickly…). Every portable vacuum cleaner is a balance between power and weight. When it sucks in the dust it sucks in air and this air has to go somewhere – so it is exhausted straight back into your room. The vacuum has a filter to try to contain the smaller particles of dust but the more effective the filter on the exhaust the less efficient the vacuum is at sucking up dust in the first place. As such, your vacuum cleaner is actually reintroducing dust back into your room. Vacumming can also be noisy and impacts on other people in the room.

In contrast a built in Vacuum Cleaner addresses all these issues. It is fixed to a wall in a convenient position so weight is not a factor so it can be engineered to be powerful. They should always be set to exhaust to the outside! This overcomes the dust recirculation issue so your newly cleaned room remains visibly cleaner for much longer. It also means that you avoid the noise of the motor in the room you are vacuuming in (as the motor unit is best located in a basement or utility room/cupboard, away from the main habitable rooms.