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Ground Source Heat Pumps

In our opinion, a Ground Source Heat Pump is the best “eco” heating source. Sadly they are ridiculously expensive for the technology they contain but thanks to the Government’s renewable heat incentive they are made affordable. Hopefully in time the purchase cost will fall and this one negative element will be addressed.
Ground Source Heat Pumps rely on collector pipes that are buried in the ground – either by a bore hole or laid as “slinky” a couple of metres below the surface of the garden. The best option is the bore hole as the key to making these systems work efficiently is to have a consistent ground temperature; if the depth takes you to water soaked ground, even better.
Not all Ground Source Heat Pumps are created equal – we have our favourites due to their efficiency and elegance in their design.
A key part of any building’s heating system is the hot water tank. Again there are opportunities for efficiencies here. If hot water is stored below 60 degrees it is as risk of harbouring legionnaire’s disease (very nasty). However your skin cannot tolerate water at this temperature so you would always have to mix it with cold water to cool it down. So you pay to heat the water up and then waste this energy by cooling it back down again to actually use it.
There is a Hot Water tank that addresses that issue that is protected by Patent, so it is unique. It provides instant hot water at very high flow rates, but doesn’t store the water so you don’t need to waste money heating it to too high a temperature…clever stuff.