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Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Rainwater harvesting systems can be very cost effective, plus making your lives a lot easier, whilst being very eco-friendly. There are different types and some are poorly designed – ie if your storage tank runs low on water the system will FILL your storage tank with water from your metred supply? Who thought that was a clever idea? The systems we recommend work sensibly – if you exhaust your stored rainwater then fresh water is provided inline, not simply pumped into your tank.

Rainwater is not “potable” which means it is not deemed fit for human consumption. However it is perfect for flushing toilets, feeding your washing machine, washing the car and watering the garden etc. Its major benefit is that it is free of lime scale so your toilet stays cleaner for longer as it avoids the lime scale build up. Wash and rinse your car with harvested rainwater and you don’t need to chamois it dry – no limescale = no white marks.