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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating is the best type of heating. Whilst you can use electric for this, you are better using “wet” underfloor heating wherever possible. This works particularly well with a Ground Source Heat Pump but can work with any conventional heat source.

Underfloor Heating generates “radiant” heat – just like the sun. It warms “things” rather than the air. This is why you can ski on a snow covered mountain in just a T shirt and feel lovely and warm, when the sun is shining on you. It is the most comfortable to live in as you are warm without your head getting stuffy.

It is also the perfect heat source if you want some interesting double height spaces or vaulted ceilings. Radiators generate heat via convection – they warm the air which in turn rises to the top of the room and pushes cooler down – the opposite to what you want – you can still feel cold and your head can feel stuffy, and your heat is up high keeping your light fittings warm rather than you.